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Managing data efficiently is at the core of any financial services provider’s business.


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For Securities Services Providers

Running at a global level with an always larger panel of proposed services, today’s providers are facing fierce competition across all sectors.

For a securities services provider, such as a custodian or a fund administrator, having a data management policy is now viewed as a must have, rather than an added value proposition.

The real added value lies in using more flexible, more powerful and more efficient tools that will enable the organization to offer additional data management services to their customers without having additional costs to support. Any way to gain a competitive edge is an opportunity to take.

And this requires state-of-the-art solutions such as those proposed by SmartCo.

With SmartCo DataHub, service providers can propose a new range of outsourced data management services where the data proposed would be customized for each customer, delivered free of anomalies, available for consultation through the web and for a clearly defined cost.

Multiplicity of Customers:

  • Multiple needs and processes can be managed simultaneously
  • Data consumption by each customer can be monitored with a cost easily calculable.


  • SmartCo DataHub allows the creation of new data management services.

Pricing Services:

  • Financial data can come from multiple sources
  • Large amount of different data can be used for pricing
  • The entire data management process can be automated
  • Data quality will greatly increase.

IT Robustness:

  • SmartCo DataHub supports large volumes of data
  • 24/7 services
  • SmartCo DataHub provides the quality and the robustness in which lies the confidence of our customer.

IT Efficiency:

  • The automation of formerly manual process by SmartCo DataHub is an important source of increased margin and IT efficiency.

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