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Technology Overview

A modern, innovative and unique technology letting you focus on your core business.

An Innovative Approach

After many years spent developing and using applications, the founders of SmartCo developed a unique and pertinent vision of the techniques and methods for developing business applications.

This vision gave birth to a unique technological platform, SmartPlanet dedicated to data management and based on the concept of the true separation of the different layers (Data Modeling, Data Processing, and User Interface). The objective of SmartPlanet is to give its users the capacity to modify any of the layers by simple configuration and without any coding.

  • The data model can be easily customized through a fully graphical interface. There is no need to use a specific database administration tool to update it. In fact, with SmartPlanet, there is no need to have intensive IT training to manage new types of data.
  • The behavior of the system, its workflow and all attached business rules, are also fully parameter driven (including all data quality controls). Changes or improvements in the organization and processes of your enterprise can be implemented in SmartPlanet in a matter of hours, with absolutely no need for software development.
  • The presentation of the information to the end user through an ergonomic and intuitive graphical interface is a must. No enterprise can today manage critical data in a black box. SmartPlanet gives the capacity to the end users to individually create its own screens using templates, presenting only and exactly the data he needs. The creation of a new page, even on the web module, is done entirely with the mouse in only a few minutes. No code is ever required.

All connectors with data feeds from upstream sources and all connectors for data distribution to downstream systems/departments are defined by configuration. Our customer can integrate data from any market vendor without a single line of code.

Based on this technology, SmartCo offers SmartCo DataHub, a complete data management software solution dedicated to the financial industry and covering most common data areas for financial institutions with predefined setups.

Created by configuring a set of functional modules called SmartCo DataHub and dedicated to the financial industry, these modules include:

  • Standard data models
  • Standard upstream and downstream interfaces
  • Preconfigured workflows and business rules
  • Preconfigured screens

Simplification of development

IT departments spend more than 70% of their development time modeling database objects, maintaining them and resolving infrastructure and technical issues.

SmartPlanet integrates all these aspects for you, letting you focus on what is ESSENTIAL: your core business, your know-how and your added value.

The packaged modules we propose correspond to around 90-95% of the requirements of financial institutions. Thanks to the SmartPlanet technology, the 5-10% of required customization for each individual organization can be done in a few weeks, with no need for development.

The comparison between our offer and the traditional business software implementation can be represented as below:

And these schemes do not take into consideration the possibility that the standard hard coded solution may just not be able to manage the enhancements demanded.

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