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A state of the art approach of data management.


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Data Management Features

The SmartCo DataHub solution includes numerous advanced data management features. It is a communication hub, a data warehouse and a business application based on the latest technologies.

SmartCo DataHub has not been built as an additional module of a back office application, as an extension of a data flow management tool or of a database middleware. Since the origin it has been designed for reference data management in the financial industry.

Thanks to SmartCo DataHub, the financial industry now has access to a unique solution including an integrated approach to all the different functions that a proper data management policy requires. Furthermore, all these functions have been customized specifically for the requirements of banks and financial institutions.

There is no solution as complete as Smartco DataHub on the market.

Upstream/Downstream Connectivity

Data feeding and data diffusion is made easy. SmartCo DataHub offers powerful EAI & ETL functions able to retrieve and send information under any technical protocol (JMS, FTP, API, WebService) and any format (XML, XLS, CSV). The mapping rules are defined through a graphical interface. New connectors can be created in a matter of hours with no need for developments. Job scheduling can be programmed with the internal SmartCo DataHub workflow engine or with any external middleware.

Data Quality Controls

Parameter driven set up of quality controls among more than 30 different types available (format validation, date control, coherence of data, comparison between sources, comparison in time-series). The same control can have different effects such as rejection or notification of an alert depending on the reason and the source of the detected anomaly. SmartCo DataHub includes a complete data quality management workflow with preconfigured reports and analyses.

Business Process & Workflow

SmartCo DataHub includes a flexible workflow engine, allowing the complete automation of all data processing and taking into consideration all the possible contexts. If the targeted process or rules are too complex for being designed with the standard parameters, an intuitive scripting language very similar to the VBA used for Excel macros is available to the software administrator, thus offering him total freedom.

Data Enrichment

Business rules can be created with an intuitive scripting engine for automated data enhancement. SmartCo DataHub can also be linked to external calculation libraries through API/Webservice for advanced purposes.

Golden Copy Generation

Data coming from an unlimited number of sources can be used to generate automatically the reference data to be shared. Multiple golden copies for multiple uses can also be set up. Former golden copies are all stored in the system and available for consultations and distribution to downstream applications and end-users.

Intuitive User Interface

All screens of the graphical interface are defined by configuration and by user profile (their definitions are also made through the same intuitive interface). The application is available in a rich client version as well as in a web based thin client version.


Reports on the data management activity and on the data themselves are available on screens and/or files. Numerous chart formats are possible as well as a graphical navigation tool through the objects relationships. The application is fully compatible with MS Excel (copy/paste available). Complex queries can be setup by users with no SQL or coding involved.

Security & Audit

SmartCo DataHub manages advanced user authorizations rules, with 4 eyes validation rules capabilities. All changes can be tracked and audited in a few clicks through the graphical interface. LDAP/SSO can be interfaced.

Data Archiving & Purging

SmartCo DataHub can be used with all major relational databases on the market. SmartCo can also run additional and innovative solutions for storing high volumes of data, and particularly time series. Data warehousing is made easy thanks to powerful archiving & purging facilities. There is no constraint in the quantity of data that can be stored.

Data Modeling

Open data model, flexible and customizable by simple configuration. All screens/interfaces/functions automatically inherit from changes made on it.

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