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An Open and Service Oriented Architecture

Developed in Java according to the best practices and based on an innovative framework, SmartCo DataHub has been designed with the following main objectives.

Open Architecture

SmartCo Data Hub is a real multi-tier solution. The main layers are the SmartPlanet server, the database server and the clients that you can install on as many different logical and physical servers as needed. SmartCo will help you define the best possible architecture taking into consideration your existing infrastructure and your objective in terms of performance, fall-over and back-up management.

SmartCo also perfectly fits withinService Oriented Architectures (SOA). SmartCo DataHub services can be called by external applications and standard EAI/ESB through the numerous available APIs or through the naturally supported web services. These same services can be used to enrich data and coordinate workflows with external applications.

Independence from Hardware and Middleware

We believe that our customers should never change their IT policies and internal choices regarding hardware, operating system or database selections just because of one new application. It is up to this solution to cope with the existing infrastructure. SmartCo DataHub can be used with any operating system (Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux…), any relational database (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS-SQL Server, MySQL…) and any HTTP server for what concerns the web module. No additional software/middleware is required for running it with full satisfaction.

High Performance

Innovation is our motto. It also applies for offering high performance under stress and challenging conditions. SmartCo DataHub support high volumes and constraints, managing easily hundreds of thousands of securities and business entities with deep historical data and time-series.

Performances are optimized due to advanced and innovative technologies such as advanced time-series storage and retrieval capacities, optimized database and database-specific operations, server/client/processing-side object caching, virtual storage, real-time update notification, client-side/distributed and multi-threaded processing.

In addition, SmartCo DataHub perfectly performs in light environments and linearly scales with additional hardware resources, without foreseeable limits.

Continuity of Services

SmartCo DataHub aims to be the cornerstone of the IT architecture, receiving and sending information to and from multiple internal and external applications around the clock, following the international exchanges activities. SmartCo DataHub runs 24*7 without interruption even if the business logic and the application setup are modified meanwhile. No specific batch or maintenance window, stopping the system, is required, with all mass processing being able to run in parallel to the production.

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