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The Data Management teams deserves to work with ergonomic, intuitive, powerful and customizable tools. "Black box" applications are not acceptable anymore.


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Intuitive User Interface

SmartCo DataHub provides a "rich" client, giving a very advanced level of functionality, customization and user-friendliness, and a "thin" client accessible over the intra/internet through a standard web browser. You do not have to choose anymore: you can have both!

The Rich Client

The "rich" client, developed in java, offers a high level of ergonomics. Access to all functions is user-friendly and very fast. User’s screens are created by configuration only and new screens can be set up in a matter of minutes. It also allows total flexibility in data manipulation and can use all the computing power of the user’s workstation to carry out complex processing.

The "rich client" solution deployment is made transparent due to the java WebStart technology that fully automates all version updates installations, with no need for manual intervention on the client side.

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  • Complete access to all data from all managed repositories
  • Full access to the configuration module
  • Fully customizable, specific screens can be created for each user profiles
  • Advanced reporting, charting, pivot tables and navigation functionalities
  • Compatible with MS Office tool (eg: copy/paste & export with Excel)
  • High level of ergonomics

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The Web Client

The Web client allows SmartCo DataHub to be used over the intra/internet. It is a thin client application, which does not require the installation of any Applet or ActiveX. User screens are inherited from the "Rich" client setup, enabling a quick start-up and easy customization. This module is perfect for complex projects involving distant users, possibly in a multiple languages environment, and particularly for securities services providers and other institutions willing to provide their clients with access to their central securities or business entities reference data repositories.

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  • Complete access to all data of all managed repositories
  • Fully customizable, screens are inherited from the Rich client setup
  • Advanced reporting and charting functionalities
  • Compatible with MS Office tool (eg: copy/paste and export with Excel)
  • High level of ergonomics

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