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Professional Services

SmartCo’s "Professional Services" activity: an integral part of our company’s strategy.

SmartCo’s team of consultants is here to help you improving your data management practices.

SmartCo proposes a complete portfolio of services to help our customers achieve their business objectives. Our consultants will combine their expertise on the software with their business knowledge to maximize your return on investments.

Ask for it, and they will go into the details of your projects specifications and implement them from A to Z in the Smartco DataHub through our powerful configuration administration tools. Or maybe you would prefer to do it by yourselves, and use our services for training and expert advices only?

We are committed to your success.

SmartCo is a dynamic company, and can adapt its services with flexibility to your exact needs. Whether your want to be self sufficient in your SmartCo DataHub use, or on the contrary you would prefer to delegate us most of the software on-going administration and maintenance, SmartCo will adjust its services to reach your desired level of autonomy.

SmartCo is proud of the high level of fidelity and satisfaction our customers grant us, and the quality of our services is always a matter of improvements for us.

As a final word, we are glad to highlight the fact that SmartCo enjoys an international network of integration and consulting partners with skilled SDH resources, able to provide additional services with an extensive knowledge of specific and local requirements.

Proposed Services:

  • Project Management
    • Project Direction and Management
    • Project Follow-Up
    • Project Quality Assurance Plan
  • Business Consulting
    • Business Expertise on Data Management Process
    • Business Expertise on Data Quality
    • Analysis of Business Requirements
    • Analysis of the Integration Scheme (upstream/downstream interfaces)
    • Definition and Redaction of Detailed Specifications
  • SmartCo DataHub Software Implementation
    • Proof Of Concept Definition, Implementation and Validation
    • Software Configuration
    • Creation/Improvements of Upstream/Downstream Interfaces
    • Creation/Improvements of Quality Data Controls
    • Creation/Improvements of the Screens (Graphical Interface)
    • Creation/Improvements of the Business Rules
    • Configuration of the Workflow
    • Evolution of the Data Model (eg: management of new instruments)
    • Tests
  • Technical Assistance
    • Assistance to the Technical Infrastructure Design
    • Assistance to the Installation & Configuration of the Middleware
    • Installation and Updates of SmartCo DataHub
    • Fail-Over and Back-Up Definition Assistance

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