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A dedicated team for customer support.


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SmartCo provides support services to its customers from its two offices in Paris and in Boston. Our two locations allow us to provide services over a very large time range.

SmartCo offers two different types of packaged support services: Standard and Premium. Both these packages includes full access to a second level functional and technical help desk in French and English and a service level agreement guaranteeing our customers reactivity and quality (defined per service type and per priority level).

Our Support teams can be contacted by phone, email and through Tracker, our internal support services tracking tool. Detailed reports are provided to our customers every end of month (Premium option).

Access to Tracker (Customer only)

Services proposed by the “Support” team are:

  • Functional assistance/Help desk
  • Software correction
    • Correction of detected anomalies and release of an updated software version
  • Evolution/Maintenance of the configuration
    • SmartCo can configure the software on behalf of its customers, if detailed requirements are provided
    • SmartCo can maintain the software configuration (screens, interfaces, workflow) on behalf of its customers
  • Technical assistance
    • Software installation
    • SmartCo can also help its customers install, configure and maintain its hardware and middleware infrastructure (especially regarding the scheduling of tasks and the administration of the database)

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