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Corporate Actions

SmartCo DataHub can not only manage all securities reference and market data, but can also integrate and manage Corporate Actions data.

Corporate Actions Management

Corporate Actions data can be integrated by SmartCo DataHub (including tax classification for EUSD compliance). The information usually comes from vendors such as Telekurs, Bloomberg or Interactive Data, but can also come in specific files or 15022 format from partnering custodian or be added manually.

All standard SDH functions can be used with the corporate actions modules: data quality controls, matching of data between two sources, alerts raising when planned events have not been confirmed, alerts raising when unplanned events have been announced or when a planned event as not been confirmed…

In addition, corporate actions with an impact on reference and market data can be handled directly in SmartCo DataHub, allowing for an easier integration of the data to other systems. Particularly useful in the case of back office applications able to deal with the event, but not able to store simultaneously the ancient and the new data or unable to explain how the data has been calculated.

For fixed rate instruments, a standard cash flow computation engine is provided. It calculates simple accrued interests based on rates value and periodicity.

Impact of corporate events on historical time series (eg: split) or static data (name change, merger) can be automatically applied through pre-configured parameters. According to the event type, the instrument type or to any other criteria, the SmartCo DataHub administrator can create the corresponding processing rules (that can be flagged at the moment the corporate action is received, or later on a predefined scheduled basis).

Here are some examples of events that can be managed in SmartCo DataHub:

  • Payment:
    • Distribution (Dividends, Interests)
    • Redemption
    • Partial/Early redemption
    • Maturity change.
  • Corporate events:
    • Name change
    • Merger or Acquisition
    • Transformation (Capital Change, Split)
    • Quotation suspension.

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