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Indices & Benchmarks

In today’s competitive market, being able to benchmark funds, portfolios or positions requires an important amount of data that SmartCo DataHub can help you manage in a fully automated way.

But, if you need them for more complex reasons, and possibly wish to be able to recalculate them (thus knowing the exact composition of the indice, the weight and price of each element), you will really see the benefit of SmartCo DataHub.

The Indices & Benchmarks module supports any type of indices (bond, commodity, composite, equity, fund, monetary, others) and all of its aspects (identifiers, classification, other characteristics, constituents and weights, valuations). Indices information can come from any generic market data vendors (such as Bloomberg or Reuters), any specialist (eg: MSCI or Facset) or directly from banks (Barclays, Goldman & Sachs and others).

SmartCo DataHub also allows the in-house construction of benchmarks valuated either on demand or on a prefixed basis (every day, week) with their own rebalancing rules. Benchmarks can be composite of other indices (with different available rules for aggregation and filtering) or even baskets of instruments manually selected in the securities master file (even if quoted in different currencies). These benchmarks can be used in SmartCo DataHub as a tool for comparing and calculating performances, and as any other type of data can be exported to external systems, excel files or reports.

The Indices & Benchmarks module includes some very specific and original functions that will save time when required, such as a tool to follow-up all movements of components in the indices under monitoring, or a feature for finding quickly all indices & benchmarks that includes one or several specific securities (therefore allowing simulations on the indices of possible future change on these securities market prices).

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