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Services Overview

The success of a software vendor is based not only on the quality of its software solutions but also on its ability to deliver the maximum value to new and existing customers.

SmartCo’s "Professional Services" activity is an integral part of our company’s strategy.

We provide services that begin before you become a client, with an assessment to clarify your requirements and define the solution. We then help you implement our solutions, either being intensively present with you in all tasks and possibly endorsing the responsibility of the success or acting only as experts providing training and highly skilled consulting services. Finally, once in production, we help you administrate the system and improve your configuration through a complete package of support services.

Our team of consultants is highly qualified to assist you in all phases of the software’s lifecycle; they understand your requirements and objectives perfectly and are completely proficient in the implementation and use of SmartCo DataHub. All SmartCo consultants have an extensive financial background and are able to work in international and multilingual projects.

Going beyond a simple client/supplier relationship, we develop a real partnership with our clients.

Our knowledge of the financial sector specificities and our close relationships with our customer guarantee the best level of service for assisting them in adapting and meeting their organizations objectives while providing the required return on investment.

Throughout the different projects completed, we developed data management best practices that we bring proactively to our customers whenever there is an opportunity for improvement. Since our added value mainly lies in our expert knowledge of our solutions and of data management policies, we will share it with you with great pleasure, always aiming for your full satisfaction.

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