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Whether you are a SmartCo DataHub end-user, the SmartCo DataHub administrator, a technical project manager or a consultant from an IT services company, our trainers give you a complete view of all the software’s aspects that you need.

One of our main objectives during project implementation is to provide a full know-how transfer to our customers.

Our training program is designed to address all the different technical and functional aspects around SmartCo DataHub.

SmartCo proposes a catalogue of standard training sessions. Trainees are regrouped by profile with a maximum of four trainees per sessions.

Upon demand, SmartCo also organize training sessions customized to the specific needs and context of one customer.

Our training sessions can be personalized to meet your exact expectations and tailored to the initial knowledge levels of those taking part. They can last one or several days according to your requirements.

Standard training sessions target the following topics:

  • Introduction to SmartCo DataHub: First steps using SmartCo DataHub
  • Advanced SmartCo DataHub Features: Presentation of the advanced features of the application, for experienced users
  • SmartCo DataHub Functional Administration: Configuration of the system, data modeling, creation of screens, creation of new data quality checks
  • Connectivity: Focus on the integration capacity of SmartCo DataHub with upstream/downstream interfaces and on the configuration of the communication hub
  • Architecture and Technical Administration: Job Scheduling, Performance Optimization, Authorizations management, Software Installation

Standard training sessions last one day, mixing theoretical and practical sessions.

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