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Chaque jour, des centaines de millions d’euros sont échangés à travers le monde sur la base des informations fournies par SmartCo DataHub.


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Vous trouverez ici quelques exemples de projets de menés ces trois dernières années par nos clients.

SmartCo compte parmi ses clients, les plus prestigieuses institutions financières. Spécialisée dans l’industrie de la finance, SmartCo adresse tous les métiers : gestionnaires d’actif, société de service aux investisseurs, les banques d’investissement, dépositaires et banques de détail.

One of the World’s Top 3 Global Investment Banks
Consolidation of securities reference and market data

This large Investment Bank in the UK has selected SmartCo DataHub to centralize and consolidate all securities reference and market data (about 200 000 securities to be handled).
Key application within the global information system, SDH is designed to be interfaced with more than 40 multi-site client systems.
A manual administration workflow has been customized for the 40 data management team (split between UK and India) and a completely automated process allows real time distribution of security data.
The cluster-based architecture of SmartCo DataHub provides 24/7 application usage and guarantees 99.99% system availability in a total active / active failover configuration.

The first data scope (fixed income instruments) for the initial Go Live was completed in four months. After this initial stage, the client’s team became fully trained and autonomous to use the system, proceed to the next steps of the project, and maintain and even enhance without our supporting their instance of SmartCo’s Security Master File.

Top 3 French Retail Bank
Consolidation of business entities

One of the first major French Bank uses SmartCo Data Hub to centralize third parties management for multiple subsidiaries of the group (about 300 000 entities).
The 9 month project achieved the following key targets :

  • Centralize entity identification, data, and ratings from multiple group entities ;
  • Implement a sophisticated matching and consolidation process to create a unique view of all the group’s counterparties ;
  • Start the distribution of cleansed and consolidated entity data to numerous group subsidiaries.

Top 5 Global Investment Management Company -
Global Enterprise Data Management

This Investment Management Company (>400 billions € AUM), part of one of the world’s largest insurance player, chose SmartCo DataHub to industrialize their global data management policy. The initial implementation for the security master file took only 3 months.
Additional data scopes and SDH modules have been implemented afterwards, including indices & benchmarks and business entities repositories.

North American Investment Bank -
Security price and market data for front-office activities

SmartCo DataHub has been implemented within the trading room of this North American Investment Bank. Before using SmartCo DataHub, this bank had serious problems in being able to calculate their daily P&L in acceptable times, mainly due to market data quality issues. Thanks to SmartCo DataHub, all market data management processes - integration, quality controls, enrichment, distribution, reports - are now fully automated and handled in a timetimely fashion as soon as the trading room closes. After the initial successful market data implementation, this client extended its usage of SmartCo DataHub to include some of SmartCo’s other modules : indices & benchmarks, corporate actions and third parties.

Medium Size Investment Bank -
Centralization of risk data for daily risk reporting and regulatory compliance

The trading room of this bank selected SmartCo DataHub to centralize their securities and business entities data (issuers and counterparties). All market data such internal pricing, yield curves, volatility surfaces, etc, used to support the business are also centralized in the repository.
Additionally, the client has used SDH for consolidating all transactions, positions and valuations into a single repository to feed both the risk management information for Basel II requirements and the accounting departments for IFRS requirements.

Beyond centralizing and consolidating of the data, the client has built entirely new business modules (e.g. risk and limits control and analysis) thanks to the SmartPlanet technology.

This story outlines that, beyond centralizing and consolidating of the data, the customer has built entirely new business modules (e.g. risk and limits control and analysis) thanks to the SmartPlanet technology.

Top 5 French Investment Bank -
Outsourcing the Security Master File

This major French investment bank has selected SmartCo DataHub to implement their securities master file to populate their back-office. This client decided to completely outsource the IT side of the project (hosting, production) as well as most Data Management Business Processes to a SmartCo’s hosting partner.

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