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SmartCo et ses partenaires peuvent ensemble vous proposer une très large gamme de services différents.


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Partenaires fournisseurs de données

Si vous souhaitez rejoindre le réseau de partenaires SmartCo, nous vous invitons à nous contacter à travers la section « Contact » de notre site web.

Fournisseurs de données

SmartCo bénéficie de partenariats forts avec les principaux fournisseurs de données du marché, grâce auxquels elle est peut constamment mettre à jour son offre de connectivité et suivre les évolutions des offres de ses partenaires.

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Avox, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTCC (The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation), was founded in 2003 in cooperation with several financial institutions that required a more efficient mechanism for improving data quality and timeliness.

Avox validates, corrects, enriches and maintains business entity reference data. This includes data such as corporate hierarchies, registered address information, industry sector codes and company identifiers. In addition, Avox provides content designed to support Regulatory Reporting requirements such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR and FATCA. The Avox operational model is unique in the industry. Its success stems from the continuous enhancement and customization programs in place for each client. Financial institutions participating in Avox form a Community that collectively addresses poor client, issuer and counterparty data quality. The Community participants, which include some of the largest banks and asset managers in the world, both contribute and subscribe to a shared pool of data, processes and resources.

Link to Avox’s website

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CounterpartyLink, Ltd. provides global legal entity data exclusively to the financial services industry. The data is collected and maintained with processes designed to be consistent with the stringent standards driven by today’s risk management and regulatory compliance requirements and is used predominantly for account opening, KYC, AML and risk management purposes. Detailed information on legal entities including corporations, governments and funds is collected in centres around the world, using primary sources and registration documents, with all data supported by an audit trail back to the source. CounterpartyLink employs rigorous, documented procedures to collect and verify all data and continually updates the information for corporate actions and other events.

Link to CounterpartyLink’s website

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FactSet is a leading provider of financial data and analytic applications for investment management and investment banking professionals around the globe. FactSet offers instant access to financial data and analytics to thousands of analysts, portfolio managers, and investment bankers at the world’s financial institutions. FactSet’s counterparty and proprietary content offerings are built upon a strong foundation of a shared and consistent symbology at both the entity and security level allowing it to seamlessley integrate 200+ third party and proprietary content sets. FactSet has been listed as one of Forbes’ “200 Best Small Companies” for 12 consecutive years" .

Link to Facset’s website

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Interactive Data Corporation is a trusted leader in financial information. Thousands of financial institutions and active traders, as well as hundreds of software and service providers, subscribe to our fixed income evaluations, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services, fixed income analytics, desktop solutions and web-based solutions. Interactive Data’s offerings support clients around the world with mission-critical functions, including portfolio valuation, regulatory compliance, risk management, electronic trading and wealth management. Interactive Data has over 2,500 employees in offices worldwide.

Link to Interactive Data’s website

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Six Telekurs is one of the leading providers in the capture, processing and distribution of international financial information. A global network of local financial market specialists procures real-time stock exchange information directly at all major financial centres. Six Telekurs maintains a database of structured, encoded securities information unparalleled throughout the world in terms of both depth and accuracy of information on the one hand and data coverage on the other.

Link to Telekurs Financial’s website

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Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Thomson Reuters powers the world’s markets, creates transparency, provides insight through independent news and content to enable decisions and is the trusted connection between people, transactions and ideas. A core component of the Thomson Reuters offer to the financial industry is their reference and market datafeeds, which deliver access to the world’s largest collection of proprietary content and market data, including intraday and end-of-day exchange pricing, estimates, deals data, ownership, fundamentals and more, with many content sets spanning more than 50 years of history. As a result of close cooperation with SmartCo, the Datastream and Datascope datafeeds are now accessible from directly within the Smart Financial Data Hub, providing access to a wealth of information including securities data, benchmark indices and constituents.

Link to Thomson Reuter’s website

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