SmartCo annonce sa nouvelle offre SmartCo IBOR (Investment Book of Record) à l’occasion de la version 4.0 du logiciel.


July 9th, 2014

Press Release

SmartCo, an industry leader of enterprise data management technology, is proud to announce the public availability of its new flagship product SmartCo IBOR (Investment Book of Records), specifically designed to accelerate the delivery of the IBOR requirements to the Asset Management industry, as an easy to implement solution.

This strategic product is designed to provide Global Asset Managers with increased visibility of intraday positions and cash, collecting and unifying data and events from various sources into a single, comprehensive, consistent, robust, independent view of their positions. Holdings are kept up-to-date in real-time, and cover historical as well as forecasted positions, while offering multiple views (traded vs. settled, intended vs. executed, look-through, etc.) to address specific needs of each department across the enterprise, and help drive investment and trading decisions. SmartCo IBOR then acts as the single go-to place for positions, whether automatically distributing to consuming systems or through its rich user interface.

SmartCo IBOR is also a perfect place to monitor the firm wide transactions across international investment desks, providing a transparent view of the STP lifecycle. Thus SmartCo IBOR helps managing Operational Risk, Market Risk and Credit Risks in real-time.

In addition, thanks to its complete investment data centralization and its independency from all surrounding applications, SmartCo IBOR is a must-have to improve the flexibility of the whole investment information system, greatly facilitating the addition of new applications and the replacement of existing ones, while limiting impacts.

SmartCo IBOR solution contains Portfolio Valuation (including look-through, risk exposure, and advanced portfolio analysis functions), Position Keeping (including book of costs and strategies), Corporate Actions Processing, and Trades Processing, while remaining easy to implement. Positions can also be automatically distributed to any consuming system, and Portfolio Managers can access rich portfolio analysis, investment support and reporting through the interactive and customizable GUI.

The solution can be deployed according to several approaches and in multiple steps in order to adapt to each organization and business requirements, and provides extensive connectivity and reconciliations with Portfolio Management Systems, Order Management, Accounting, Confirmation Systems, Compliance, Risk, Portfolio Attribution, Reporting, etc.

SmartCo IBOR takes advantage of the SmartCo DataHub technology, which is recognized by the industry as a leading solution for Data Management with a decade of success of global clients, providing the best flexibility and time to market, and supporting the most sophisticated requirements. SmartCo DataHub delivers a rich set of Enterprise Data Management functionalities such as Data Normalization and Consolidation, Data Cleansing and Golden Copy, Administration Workflows, Data Stewardship and Governance.

Pascal Mougin, Founder and CEO of SmartCo says : “We are really proud to uncover our SmartCo IBOR solution and its adoption by some key worldwide Asset Managers, establishing it as the first commercial solution perfectly designed for the IBOR specific requirements. At SmartCo we are deeply committed to IBOR ; SmartCo IBOR has been developed over the past decade, is really the yield of our wide experience in Portfolio Management Solutions”.

Michael J. Fix, Sales Director for North America continues : “And besides serving the industry with best-in-class technology and uniquely designed solutions, we also have the necessary experience and know-how to help our clients succeed in their IBOR projects.”

About SmartCo

SmartCo provides SmartCo DataHub, a leading global Enterprise Data Management solution dedicated to the financial industry, covering all the data areas (financial assets, corporate actions, indexes, third parties, funds, performance and risk data, etc.). Built on a model-driven, highly flexible and powerful platform, providing best-in-class end-to-end data management tools, workflows and connectivity, it truly empowers user to collect, model, normalize, cleanse, consolidate, enhance, analyse and distribute their whole data universe, to optimize data quality, data administration workflows, risk and data governance and is extremely customizable and user friendly, enabling users to rapidly implement and easily extend their own custom models, tools, and even applications. SmartCo has been selected and recognized by major financial institutions as a strategic solution to build a single view of the business data enterprise-wide, manage and reduce their risks, optimize their processes and data costs, meet regulatory expectations, and better operate and serve their clients.